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63W medical open frame switching power supply

63W medical open frame switching power supply

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 1 pcs
  • Certificate : CE,GS,CB,RoHS,UL,CSA,CSA
  • FOB Port : Kaohsiung Harbor
  • Made In : Taiwan(TW)

Product Features

63W open frame medical AC/DC switching mode power supply.
Single to quad outputs. Single output voltage from 3 to 40 VDC.
All models meet FCC Part-18 class B & CISPR-11 EN55011 class B emission limits, and are designed to comply with UL/CUL(UL 60601-1), TUV/T-mark(EN 60601-1) and new CE requirements.
All units are 100% burned in and tested.
Internal EMI filter.
Input Surge Current, Over Voltage and Over Load protection.
Over Voltage Protection(Crowbar Design).
Wide input voltage 90 to 264 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz
Size: 3"x5"x1.1"
3 years warranty.

Product Specifications

Input Voltage:90-264 VAC
Input Frequency: 47-63 Hz
Input Current: 1.6A at 115VAC/0.8A at 230VAC
Efficiency: 75~85 %
Hold-Up Time: 16 mS min
Line Regulation: 0.5%
Load Regulation: 3%
Ripple & Noise: 1% p-p max
Safety: UL/CUL, TUV/T-mark, CB, CE

Model List:
Single Output:
MBU60-101: 3~5 VDC/16.6~10.0A 50W maximum
MBU60-102: 5~6 VDC/11.0~9.16A 55W maximum
MBU60-103: 6~8 VDC/10.0~7.50A 60W maximum
MBU60-104: 8~11VDC/7.87~5.72A 63W maximum
MBU60-105: 11~13VDC/5.72~4.84A 63W maximum
MBU60-105-1: 11~13VDC/4.09~3.46A 45W maximum
MBU60-106: 13~16VDC/4.84~3.93A 63W maximum
MBU60-107: 16~21VDC/3.93~3.00A 63W maximum
MBU60-108: 21~27VDC/3.00~2.33A 63W maximum
MBU60-109: 27~33VDC/2.33~1.90A 63W maximum
MBU60-110: 33~40VDC/1.90~1.57A 63W maximum

Dual Output:
MBU60-200: +3.3V/7A; +12V/3A 59.1W maximum
MBU60-201: +5V/7A; +12V/3A 63W maximum
MBU60-202: +5V/7A; +15V/3A 63W maximum
MBU60-203: +5V/7A; +24V/2A 63W maximum
MBU60-204: +3.3V/7A; +5V/5A 48.1W maximum
MBU60-215: +5V/7A; -24V/2A 63W maximum

Triple Output:
MBU60-300: +3.3V/6A; +12V/3A; -12V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-300-1: +3.3V/6A; +12V/3A; +12V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-301: +5V/6A; +12V/3A; -5V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-301-1: +5V/6A; +12V/3A; +5V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-302: +5V/6A; +12V/3A; -12V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-302-1: +5V/6A; +12V/3A; +12V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-303: +5V/6A; +15V/3A; -15V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-303-1: +5V/6A; +15V/3A; +15V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-305: +5V/6A; +24V/2A; -12V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-305-1: +5V/6A; +24V/2A; +12V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-306: +3.3V/6A; +12V/3A; -5V/0.8A 59.8W maximum
MBU60-306-1: +3.3V/6A; +12V/3A; +5V/0.8A 59.8W maximum
MBU60-308: +3.3V/5A; +5V/5A; -12V/1A 53.5W maximum
MBU60-308-1: +3.3V/5A; +5V/5A; +12V/1A 53.5W maximum

Quad Output:
MBU60-400: +3.3V/6A; +12V/3A; -12V/0.8A; -5V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-400-1: +3.3V/6A; +12V/3A; -12V/0.8A; +5V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-400-2: +3.3V/6A; +12V/3A; +12V/0.8A; -5V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-400-3: +3.3V/6A; +12V/3A; +12V/0.8A; +5V/0.8A; 63W maximum
MBU60-401: +5V/6A; +12V/3A; -12V/0.8A; -5V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-401-1: +5V/6A; +12V/3A; -12V/0.8A; +5V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-401-2: +5V/6A; +12V/3A; +12V/0.8A; -5V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-401-3: +5V/6A; +12V/3A; +12V/0.8A; +5V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-402: +5V/6A; +12V/3A; -12V/0.8A; -12V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-402-1: +5V/6A; +12V/3A; -12V/0.8A; +12V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-402-2: +5V/6A; +12V/3A; +12V/0.8A; -12V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-402-3: +5V/6A; +12V/3A; +12V/0.8A; +12V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-403: +5V/6A; +12V/3A; -12V/0.8A; -24V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-403-1: +5V/6A; +12V/3A; -12V/0.8A; +24V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-403-2: +5V/6A; +12V/3A; +12V/0.8A; -24V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-403-3: +5V/6A; +12V/3A; +12V/0.8A; +24V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-404: +5V/6A; +15V/3A; -15V/0.8A; -5V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-404-1: +5V/6A; +15V/3A; -15V/0.8A; +5V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-404-2: +5V/6A; +15V/3A; +15V/0.8A; -5V/0.8A 63W maximum
MBU60-404-3: +5V/6A; +15V/3A; +15V/0.8A; +5V/0.8A 63W maximum

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