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Satin Drill Jacquard Mulberry Silk Quilt

Satin Drill Jacquard Mulberry Silk Quilt

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  • Made In : China(CN)

Product Features

The satin drill jacquard tussah silk quilt is made of the high quality satin drill jacquard fabric, and taking 100% high quality tussah silk floss as filling. With the quilting technology and delicate workmanship, the product is soft and smooth, fluffy and comfortable, elegant and noble, which is the first choice for modern life and excellent presents for families and friends.

Product Name: satin drill jacquard tussah silk quilt

Specification: the weight of the silk floss: 1kg; size: 200cm×230cm; the weight of the filling, size and quilting design can be made according to the customer's requirement.

Packing: The product adopts many fashionable packing styles for domestic sale; the packing for export trade could be according to the customer's requirement; the unconventional packing is according to the order.

Optimum Order Quantity: 100 pieces.

Product Specifications

The Characteristics of Silk:

1. Silk is a kind of porous pure natural animal fiber, which could adjust temperature in a certain area and has the characteristics of strong ventilation and moisture absorption.

2. Silk contains a kind of minuteness molecule emitted by amino acid, which could improve sleeping quality, make body energetic, promote the metabolism, and delay senility.

3. Silk can release negative ion in daily life and have the functions of removing dust and cleaning air.

4. Silk is a kind of mildewproof natural fiber. It contains the hydrophilic side amino acid that could effectively absorb and eliminate moisture in quilt. The silk capability of eliminating moisture is 1.5 times of cotton fiber.

5. Silk is antibacterial and anti-allergic. The ingredient of natural silk is similar with human skin, which could prevent many skin diseases and pruritus. It is a natural fiber with the highest skin affinity.

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