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cotton swab machine

cotton swab machine

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Product Features

cotton swab machine


Cotton swab machine has three parts, A) plastic stick machine B) cotton swab machine C) heater

Product Specifications

Plastic stick machine

This machine has three part: a) plastic stick stretching machine b) cooling pip c) cutter

1- material: PE PP
2- Capacity: 20kg/hour
3- Screw diameter: 45mm
4- Screw travel: 900mm
5- Speed of the screw:10~90 r/min
6- Power: AC220V 50Hz 7.5KW

Cotton swab machine

This machine is used to produce the cotton swab.


1- material: bleached cotton
2- capacity: 1000 pieces/min
3- length: 70mm~130mm
4- suitable stick: wooden stick, plastic stick etc.
5- suitable cotton swab: single head or double head


1- inter size: 1000*1020*550
2- Heat plats: 20 pcs
3- Size of the heat plat: 540*450*50
4- Power: 6KW
5- Max. temperature: 180℃
6- Running time: 0-99.9 hours
7- Size: 1300*660*1700
8- Weight: 210Kg

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