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High vacuum deposition machine

High vacuum deposition machine

Business Information

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Product Features

This roll type evaporator is used to coat the metal on the packaging film such as PET, PVC, CPP, OPP, Paper etc.

1- High efficiency and the power can be saved for more than 30%.
2- The Evaporators are constant temperature and pressure.
3- Easily control, one person can operate the machine.
4- This machine can be used not only for normal packaging film coating but also for Laser Hologram.

Product Specifications

1- Film: 8μm PET、10μm OPP、20μm CPP、20μm PVC、45~150gsm Paper、 etc.
2- evaporating material: aluminum、silver、tin、medium (purity?99.97%)
3- Vacuum chamber diameter: 1300mm
4- Max diameter of the film roll: 550mm
5- Max. coating width: 1250mm
6- Winding speed: 100~300 m/min
7- Wire feeding speed: 0~4 m/min
8- Vacuum speed: 0-1 pa?8min
9- Max Vacuum: 6 x 10-2 Pa
10- Working vacuum: 6×10-1 pa
11- Winding tension: 0~100 nm
12- Evaporator : 11 pieces
13- Water: 8m3/h water, >0.2mpa
14- Compressed air: 1m3/min >0.6mpa
15- Power: AC380V 50Hz 95kw
16- Weight: 7MT
17- Dimension: 6000mm x 6000mm x 4000mm

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