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Passbook Printer,PR2E Spare part,PR2E ribbon

Passbook Printer,PR2E Spare part,PR2E ribbon

Business Information

  • FOB Port : Shenzhen
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : Carton

Product Features

1. Lift type printing head, ensuring the safe processing of the printing media;
2. Possessing serial ports, parallel ports and USB interfaces, satisfying varied on-line requirements;
3. Printing speed is as high as 460CPS, and the maximum printing speed of Chinese character is up to 155 words/second;
4. Having the advanced sheet processing function, automatic regulation on the printing thickness, automatic aligning and automatic rectification of a deviation.
5. Containing diversified Chinese and western font library, and possessing varied special characters required by the bank and other trades.
6. Enhanced control over the integrity of the banking transaction, supporting the high precision printing on various printing media.

Product Specifications

1. Mode: OLIVETTI PR2E/K10 Standard pattern
OLIVETTI PR2E/K12 Standard pattern + read-write component of horizontal magnetic strip
2. Printing type: Matrix printing, bi-directional prediction and logical distance selection
3. Printing head: 24 needle lift type printing head with the needles arranged in the form of olivetti
4. Printing Speed:
Ultrahigh speed High speed Draft
Chinese Character(words/second) / 155
ASCII(words/second) 460 350
Emulation letter type Letter type
135 60 45
260 130 86
5. Chart Speed: 1/6", Time for line shift is about 45ms
6. Processing mode of papers: Automatic rectifying a deviation, automatic aligning, automatic regulating the printing thickness
7. Printable Media: Single sheet of paper, Multi layer carbon paper, Bankbook, Check
8. Printing dimension:
Single sheet of paper: 65-245mm in width, 70-297mm in length
Bankbook: 150-241.3mm in width, 165-220mm in length
9. Coping power: 1+4 layers
10. Maximum printing thickness: 2.0mm
11. Ink ribbon: Special major ribbon cartridge and black ink ribbon, the service life being about 3, 500, 000 characters
12. Able to process multifold word gap, regulate the word gap and the proportional word gap, and provide multifold properties of the printing character;
Printing word gap: ASCII Character: 10, 12, 16.6, 17.1CPI
Chinese word: 5, 6, 6.9, 8.3, 8.5CPI
Line feed pitch: 1/6", 1/8", n/120", n /180", n /216", n/240"
Supporting such printing properties of Chinese and western character as overline and underline, superscript and subscript, bold, inverted, hollow and grid font, italic, rotation, multiple height, doubling width, doubling height, and various combination of height and width.
13. Font: Font of Chinese character: GB18030 Song-Dynasty-style Font
Font of English character: VHSD, HSD, DRAFT, NLQ1, NLQ2, LQ, OCR-A, OCR-B
14. Graphic printing(Point/inch):
Horizontal: 60, 72, 80, 90, 96, 120, 180, 240
Perpendicular: 180, 216
15. Interface: Standard RS-232C serial port, Centronics IEEE1284 parallel port
16. Emulation Mode: Compatible with OLIVETTI Printer PR40, PR2 and IBM Proprinter II; Several emulation modes including PPDS and OKI etc.
17. Dimension: 384*280*199mm(Width*Length*Height)
18. Weight: 9.5 kilograms(Standard Pattern)
10.5 kilograms (Standard Pattern with the read-write component of horizontal
Magnetic strip)
19. Acoustic Noise:

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