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D1608 HF USB Reader

D1608 HF USB Reader

Business Information

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Product Features

FN - HFD1608 mini USB RFID close reader is ?independent designed by
Shanghai Fine technology co., LTD.
They work in 13.56 MHz, meet?ISO14443 Type A, Mifare1 or ISO15693, ISO18000-3 and other international standards.Support the international and domestic each big chips
Vendors’ non-contact IC card,CPU of NXP S50, S70, Desfire, Ultralight, 11 RF08 FM, FM11RF32, FMRF1208, FMRF1216 .?
Its compact size,stability,fast response fully runs well with the international standards of various instructions .
It has USB2.0 communication interface and protocol, can easily access to the laptop, smart phone, Pad, PC, etc., can be easily expanded personal terminal function of RFID.?
Black and blue two colors, can support ISO14443A or ISO15693 .

Product Specifications

The FN HF D1608 proximity reader is a 13.56MHz ISO15693/ISO 14443 compliant reading/writing device and with internal antenna. With a standard USB communication interface , the FN HFD1608 is ready to “plug and play” for portable solution.? It’s of very small size and looks just like a USB disk, low power consumption and versatility allow a flexible and efficient application or integration in different configurations and system。

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