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Ceramic Ferrule for arc Stud Welding

Ceramic Ferrule for arc Stud Welding

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 100000pcs
  • Certificate : SGS
  • FOB Port : shanghai
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : carton box
  • Delivery Time : shanghai

Product Features

Ceramic Ferrule for Stud Welding /ceramic protective ring/ceramic guard rings /cordierite ceramic/technical ceramic/alumina ceramic

This product is widely used for magnetic force floating railway engineer,building bridge,building railway,large power plant,plane depot that needs wide span.

The main chemical ingredient of cordierite is 2MgO?2Al2O3?5SiO2, main material is steatite, clay, alumina, feldspar,etc. It is made by normal ceramic technique, such as dry press. They can be used for loop framework, insulators of arc-resistance, element of composite materials, burnable nozzle of electrical insulators,and etc

Technical Parameters:
Main chemical ingredient 2MgO?2Al2O3?5SiO2
Bulk density 2.5gm/cc
Maximum use temperature 1000℃
Water absorption 0%
Hardness 800HV
Bending Strength 900Kgf/cm2 (20℃)
Compressive Strength 3500Kgf/ (20℃)
Coefficient of thermal expansion ?2.0(1×10-6/℃)
Dielectric constant 6(1MHz.25℃)
Dielectric strength 10 ac-KV/mm(ac V/mil)
Volume Resistivity >1012 ohm-cm(20℃)
Color:white,light yellow and so on

Main Benefits
1. Good concentricity and consistency.
2. Excellent wear and heat resistance.
3. High strength, endurability and anti-aging performance.
4. Extremely precise design as well as customized products

Product Specifications

The steel structure column head jointing nails and ceramic protective or guard rings is formulated with cordierite.and by molding,vinegar,calcining,etc.The specification is as follows:Φ6、Φ8、Φ10、Φ13、Φ16、Φ19、Φ22 ordinary and penetrable etc.

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