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 PVC/PE for Suppository

PVC/PE for Suppository

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Product Features

PVC/PE for Suppository

After 30 years' study and improvement, our factory takes officinal PVC rigid film as the base maretial,then heat sealing of PE film,the material is situable for all kinds of domestic or import equipment.Due to its excellent physical and chemical characteristics,at present,this material suits for mass-produce to bring the low cost.Now,it is the most popular new material for suppository packaging.

Product characteristics
PE has good heat sealing ability.During the practical processing,the material for packing suppository must have fine sealing effect for inside substance.In the meanwhile,it must be easy to be slited from the heating aspect.Therefore,the material structure needs high technology.After a large number of theoretical calculations and practice,our technical staff developped new material that molecular structure is reorganized.PVC/PE coated film not only has intensity,toughness and excellent gas obstruct ability with PVC,but also has high liquid barrier property and good heat sealing ability with PE.It can meet different customers' requirements after modest and targeted adjustment.

PS:All of our products are produced in the 100,000 level depirative and sealed workshop.During production processing,the temperature,coated quantum,coated time and other improt considerrations are checked strictly to make the final products exceeding foreign similar products.If there is any volatile,please consult to use PVC/PVDC/PE coated film.This product has high obstruct ability .It can complete avoid the volatilization of the shortage quantity or other effect that affected the capability of the medicine.

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