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PVC/EVOH tray for meat

PVC/EVOH tray for meat

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PVC/EVOH tray for meat

Chemic and oil resistance capability
EVOH compound film has excellent oil resistance and organic solvent resistance. Put it in the liquor and oil in the 68 degree F. A year later, the increased percentage of the weight is : cyclohexane, xylene, petroleum ether, benzene and acetone is 0% ; glycol is 2.3% ; methanol is 12.2%; salad oil is 0.1%.

Thermal/ Mechanical Properties
EVOH compound film has high mechanical strength, flexibility, surface strength, abrasive resistant, weather resistance and strong antistatic capability. The material has high gloss and the low fog density, so it has a high degree of transparency.

In some areas, the EVOH has gradually replace the metallized film, aluminum foil and rigid container (for example, packing meet ). It is being received various countries attention and shows the best potential growth trend in the market. Due to the oxhydryl in the molecular structure of EVOH resin, EVOH resin has the hydrophilia and hygroscopicity. When it adsorb the damp, its gas obstruct capability will be affected. So EVOH is used as the middle layer, usually coated with polyolefin. The damp quantity can be control aboratively, to use multilayers coated technic to packing EVOH resin (such as polyolefin).

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