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RFID Attendance and Access Control System(USB port )

RFID Attendance and Access Control System(USB port )

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 5sets
  • FOB Port : shenzhen
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Delivery Time : 5days

Product Features

CS Series is an import proximity T&A and A&C system, as it adopts proximity communication PSK and encrypt professional proximity card to check ID, which is much safer and more credible than those without encrypt proximity cards. Recheck the 5 PIN inputted by card holder, which is a senior and safe equipment, achieve the professional management of automatic and modern C&A and T&A.
In the operation process, CS Series could offer 3 different manners. The first one is the most convenient one--use proximity card directly; the second way is to use both card and 5 No.ㄙs code, which is the most precise one; the third way is the most simplest--use 1-5 No.ㄙs code.
When the user is threaten to open the door, a kind of intimidating card or code could be used to output a soundless alarm signal through auto-dial machine which was connected with the alarm system. The anti-pass function is optional, which can prevent those person who has no authorization but through following others enter the room. CS Seriesㄙ input and output interface could be used for linking other exterior system accessories. For example, it could connect release button and set the effective period; if the door was not closed in time, the relay will output an alarm; when some emergent flee is required, the breaker could shatter the vitreous door and send out an alarm; it could connect with fire alarm system and open the door automatically right after it received a fire alarm and at the same time will send alarms out.
CS Series were developed in LINUX system. It could use USB flash disk to down load the data. It has the massage function which will be shown at the certain date; after setting, when the certain person checks in, the massage will show a reminding massage on the LCD. CS Series have inner background light for LCD and keypad. It could work stand alone and keep the records. Meanwhile, through RS232, RS485 or TCP/IP, it could be managed the system by PC.
CS Series are certificated by CE, UL, FCC and MIC, theyㄙre the best choice for the users who require safe, high quality, reliable and steady.


1.User Capacity: 30000; Transaction Capacity: 50000
2.With 10 cm Proximity Reader and LCD inside
3.Standalone or contacted PC with RS232 or RS485 or TCP/IP
4.Download records with U-Disk
5.Identification: Standalone proximity card, proximity+5 bits code, 1 to 5 bits PIN number.
6.Users can set up threatened alarm and code by themselves.
7.Access Control: 50 Time Zone, 5Grouping, 10 Combination, support many fingerprint access. Easy operation of function keys.
8.Operated in night with 16 bits backlight keyboard.
9.Authentication: UL, CE, FCC, MIC
10.The Hardware Design adopts international fashionable POE, applying professional anti-static and anti-jamming protection. All input/output are designed with over-voltage & circuit protection, illegal-dismantle alarm & professional alarm system, voltage control & compliable surveillance system. Besides, it's completely waterproof. All these advantages make an excellent performance.

Product Specifications

1.Card Holders: 30000 cards
2.Transaction Capacity: 50000 records
3.CPU: 64bit ZK6001 Microprocessor
4.Hardware: ZEM500(Embedded Linux O/S)
5.Aceess Mode: Card Only, PIN Only, Card+PIN
6.Read Range: 10-15 cm
7.I/O Interface: RS232/485
8.Baud Rate: 9600-115Kbps programmable
9.Ethernet: 10/100M
10.Wiegand I/O: any bit
11.USB: Mini-USB 2.0 port
12.Access Control Function: 50time zones, 5groups, 10open door conbination, supports multi-users enter. TTL for connecting to lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm
13.LCD Panel: 4 line, 16 character each line(User name, ID number, time, date, states)
14.Keypad: 4*4 metal keypad with 4 function keys
15.Audio Visual Indicator: Red LED(Access denied)/ Green LED(Access granted) with Audible Beep
16.Housing Material: ABS
17.Power Requirement: 12V DC, 400mA
18.Operating Temperature: 0‵C-45‵C Operating Humidity: 20%-80%
19.Options: Webserver, Antipass-back, Multi-language display

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