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Magnetic Card Reader(Two-in-one) / Smart Card Reader / card reader

Magnetic Card Reader(Two-in-one) / Smart Card Reader / card reader

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 10sets
  • FOB Port : shenzhen
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Delivery Time : 5 days

Product Features


The CS400 series trough type microreader, the collection brushes the card, the decoding in a body, the bar magnet may read ISOTK1.TK2.The TK3 axle, the bar code may read with clearly marked price (thioindigo red) and the steady shape code (infrared light), simultaneously may read each specialized bank the bankbook bar magnet, may unite each kind of microcomputer and the terminal; CS41* may read each RS232C mouth. CS44X provides the USB connection.

Basic Characteristic (SPECIFICATIONS):

1.Bar magnet standard (Tape Standard): ISO7811/2
2.Power source (Power Supply): CS43* does not need the extra power source CS41* provides +5VDC or +9VDC by the system
3.Bar code resolution (Bar Resolution): 0.11mm-0.19mm
4.Magnetic head life (Headlife):> 500,000 times
5.Brushes the card speed (Card Feeding Speed): 10-120cm/S
6.Weight (Weight): Compact size: Approximately 250G Standard type: Approximately 450G
7.Size (Dimensions): Compact size: L90*W30*H26 Standard type: L170*W44*H42

Use Environment (ENVIRONMENT):

1.Work (Operation):0-50℃ 20-90%RH
2.Memory (Storage):-20-70℃

Product Specifications

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