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anti-slip honeycomb panel

anti-slip honeycomb panel

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 100pcs
  • Certificate : ,ISO9002:2000
  • FOB Port : qingdao
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : pallet or carton
  • Supply Capability : 100,000.pcs/month
  • Delivery Time : 15days

Product Features

Polycore Technology is a leading manufacturer of honeycomb and lightweight composite solutions. Polycore Technology products include thermoplastic honeycomb and its sandwich panel, all of above products holding light weight with stiffness strength ratio and following characteristics:
-- light weight with stiffness strength ratio
-- energy absorption
-- corrosion, fungi, rot, chemical, moisture resistant
-- Sound and vibration dampening
-- Recyclable
Thermoplastic honeycomb has specials in
-- Electrical characteristics
-- Magnetics characteristics
-- Flexible (when Polycore PP honeycomb sheet heated to 80C degree it can be easily reshaped according to mould)
-- Easy assembly

What are Honeycomb Cores?
Honeycomb cores are used in the fabrication of lightweight structures. The core material is typically 'sandwiched' between skins of plywood, aluminum, FRP composite material, steel, granite, solid surface materials, paper etc. To attach the 'skin' material to the honeycomb core, a bonding adhesive can be used or the materials can be laminated with polyester or epoxy systems. The resultant honeycomb panel results in one of the highest strength to weight core constructions available.

Product Specifications

Light weight, high compressive strength, anti-water, anti-humidity honeycomb can be used as a core structure in the transportation fields such as aerospace, aircraft, boat, yacht, van, marine, automotive, truck, rail, In this application, honeycomb can cut down body weight, increase speed, save energy, whilst providing strength and lessen shakiness.
In the construction fields such as architectural , port, bridge, recreation, partition parts, ceiling, floor, wall, in this application, honeycomb can speed project process, dampen sound pollution, save energy cost.
In special fields such as military, medical, oil tank cover. equipment, electronic, pharmaceutical, food, consumer, trailer and a variety of other composite structures. In this application , honeycomb can provide special property to cater to special requirement such as electronic or Magnetics penetration ,anti-chemical corrosion, anti-fire, anti-water, cleanness and others.

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