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Dog Tag

Dog Tag

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Military dog tags are used by people from all walks of life for remembering personal events in their lives. Medical Alert tags and ID tags for identifying items for their personal and business needs. Pat tags could help bring your loved ones home during a trying time! Ideal for Medical Awareness, altering tags in case of a medical emergency, these awareness tags will alert medical technicians to your particular status. Important in a critical situation!
There are various production ways and different materials can be applied for this item. We are pleased to suggest you the best suitable production way and the material according to your logos, quantity and budgets.

Printing: Both Aluminum and Stainless Steel materials are available for printing. You can choose single side or double sides with printing; with epoxy or without epoxy covered. In order to save the cost, there is no plating for printed dog tags.

Photo Etching: Except Aluminum and Stainless Steel can be made by etching way, iron material is also workable, the recessed logo or text can be filled with soft enamel colors. As to plating, iron material can be plated in nickel or gold while aluminum and stainless steel remained without plating.

Stamping: If you prefer the logo or text embossed, we can use stamping way. Material can be aluminum, stainless steel or iron.

Standard fitting: Ball China in 24a??, 30a?? or 34a?? length, it can be gold plated, nickel plated or free nickel ball chains.

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