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Sonic Birdchaser Pest control

Sonic Birdchaser Pest control

Business Information

  • FOB Port : Taiwan
  • Made In : unknown
  • Delivery Time : 40 days

Product Features

The SONIC BIRDCHASER uses an natural predatory principle to scare unwanted birds away from your farm, orchard, garden, yard or any other properties. The built-in PIR sensor detects movement and the powerful loudspeaker broadcasts predatory calls of the hawk, falcon, eagle and owl species. Moreover, the user may choose to use the AUTO function where a 5-30 minutes time interval may be set for the SONIC BIRDCHASER to operate automatically. Finally, the SONIC BIRDCHASER has a sensor that allow it to operate only in the davtime, during which birds are active to conserve the power.
Birds Affected:Sparrows, Blackbirds, Pigeons, Crows, Starlings, other pest birds,......, etc.

Applications:BIRDCHASER is easily installed to protect Farms, Yards, Orchards, Gardens, or any other properties.

Product Specifications

PIR function allows smaller area protection.
AUTO function with a 5-30 minutes time interval for larger area protection.
Built-in photocell allows it to operate only in the daytime.
PIR function offers a daytime security to alert a possible intrusion.
Sounds of hawks, eagle, falcon, and owls may also scare rats and mice.
A User-set time interval to control sound emission.
Special Digital IC recording of actual predatory calls from hawks, falcons, eagle, and owls.
Built-in volume adjustment control.
Power Supply:Input:100-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz,220-240 VAc, 50/60 Hz, Output:12 VDC
Sound:Digital recording of hawk,falcon, eagle, and owl.
Protection Coverage:Up to 1 acre(when VOLUME is set at maximum)
Pircoverage area:arc angle of 130 degrees, a distance of 30 ft.
Worldwide Patented:
German Utility Model No.20010057.2/400 09 869.5
Japan Pat. No.3074177
U.S.PAT. No.6,285,630
Taiwan Pat.No.177600
China Pat.No.ZL 002 07081.2

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