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Shenzhen chicheng network technology co. LTD
  • Target Markets: TUTU smart mask is a function of water oil detection, pulse import, microorganism electrotherapy and hypnotic light music through the bio-electric host and APP.Make the smart facial mask to achieve deep hydration and lock water, increase the absorption of nutrients in the skin, effectively maintain the water oil balance of the skin, and make the skin firm.Finally, the face is sterilized, heat preservation, moisturizing, tightening and wrinkling effect.
  • Business Type: Direct sales,Manufacturer
  • Established date: September 24, 2013


Develop apps from 2010, 2010, obtain certain achievement on intelligent household hardware and software development, the main research and development of intelligent face all sorts of intelligent household products, such as products have passed the GB4706.15 GB4706.1-2005-2005 such as certification, hope our smart mask can bring very good life experience to foreign friends

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