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Heze Chaoran Plastic Co., Ltd
  • Target Markets: We are manufacturer of PVC pipes, HDPE pipes in Shandong Province, China. Our pipes including PVC-U pipes, PVC-M pipes, HDPE pipes, etc. used in Tap water project Sewage engineering The highway engineering Golf course construction In electrical engineering Drilling engineering Wharf engineering Size from 75mm to 315mm, length from 4 to 6 meters. Taking "quality seek survival, prestige seek development" as the objective, we provide complete varieties, stable quality, competitive price and delivery time service. Do cooperation with customers in the process of on honesty, strive to provide perfect service. Our company parts distribution branch in dongguan, shenzhen and other areas, for convenient and timely shipment. Welcome to our factory and company!
  • Business Type: Importer,Manufacturer,Distributor
  • OEM Services : Yes
  • Established date: 2008

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Product features
High chemical stability, corrosion resistance, alkali resistance, don't tube, water quality pollution to maintain the health and efficiency of the water supply system
Insulation good insulation nonconductive, no corrosion and to ensure that the water supply system and safe life
Good low temperature toughness at low temperature, can withstand the external force without damage
Weather resistance by foreign practice has proved that in harsh environments for a long time, still can maintain the system stability
Toughness can effectively resist the external force or internal force change caused by damage (such as water hammer, earthquake, etc.)
Wall smooth friction pressure loss, less dirt not easily attached to the wall, can guarantee the stability of system flow
Environmental health materials formula of green environmental protection, no pollution, no effect to human and animal health
Heat preservation performance for 1/300 of the galvanized steel pipe, heat conduction coefficient is generally one of the lowest in the plastic in the, in addition to the energy efficiency can be improved, also can reduce cost of heat preservation and dew
Light weight, easy construction is only 1/6 of the steel tube, transport and construction easy, save a lot of cost, using special solvents glue combination, construction more quickly
Long service life at 20 ℃, nominal pressure pipeline system under the expected life can be up to 50 years

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Address No 7 Building of Guoda International Trading Center, Dingtao Twon,Heze City,China(CN)
Website http://www.crplastic.icoc.cc