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Date : 2015-04-16 ~ 2015-05-16

KXPOS Rocks Cold Rock

Cold Rock is one of the most successful franchise operations in Australia with a network of Ice Cream Stores nationwide. One of the most valuable resources for a successfully franchise operation is first class reporting software that enables head office to get up to date reporting for all stores. Using KXPOS Data Smart web based reporting software Cold Rock is not only able to get up to date reports for all stores but using the unique Data Smart benchmarking software compare performance for all stores in the reporting network.

Similar to the way Touch computer benchmarking software compares the individual component performance of a PC to give an overall performance report, KXPOS Data Smart benchmarking software can be tailored to analyse individual aspects of a stores performance to give a complete overview of that stores performance compared to other stores in the network.

Benchmarking software is invaluable to individual stores owners as it allows them to compare their performance with other stores in the region and target their advertising and promotions to improve their individual store performance.

A unique FTP Push function of the KXPOS POS terminals allows the terminals to send their sales reports up to a secure internet web server. The sales data is processed on-line and available for head office or individual store owners to view by logging into their secure Data Smart web application at a time and place convenient to them wherever they are.

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