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Date : 2015-04-08 ~ 2015-05-08

The Installation of a Cash Drawer

The Installation of a Cash Drawer

Cash drawers are used as a secure way to hold money during a standard retail transaction. The employee tallies up the cost, and when they are ready to take the money, the cash drawer opens. Installing a cash drawer in today's age of computers and electronics is as simple as running Point of sale system OEM and connecting the drawer to a computer, which serves as a cash register in many stores. Turn the computer off. Place the USB or serial cable into the proper port on the cash drawer.

Place the other end into the computer USB or serial port. This provides the link to the computer that allows information to transfer back and forth. The USB can also act as a power source. Connect the AC adapter for the cash drawer into the power slot and plug in the adapter. The primary setup is complete, and the cash drawer should have a link to the computer and a primary power source. If the cash drawer has a USB connector, then it may not have A AC adapter.

Turn on the computer. It will recognize new hardware connected to the computer and will want to install the drivers and start the install wizard. Cancel the wizard. Place the software disc into the CD/ DVD drive and install the program. Configure the settings for the cash drawer. The setup of the drawer is now complete. Run a diagnostic to make sure everything is connected Touch pos terminals correctly. Press the no sale button on the computer and, if everything is connected properly, the drawer will open.


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