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Date : 2016-03-21 ~ 2016-04-20

Black masterbatch production growth

Ethylene propylene, black masterbatch and raw materials such as was the trend of continued growth, affected by the world by the financial crisis, the slow recovery enterprise efficiency, rain and snow extreme weather on the Coal and Electric Supply a...Read More

Date : 2016-03-21 ~ 2016-04-20

Plastic masterbatch Category

Plastic masterbatch for the production of nonwoven masterbatch, chemical fiber masterbatch, and the following detailed description of plastic masterbatch according to the classification of different forms, such as by raw materials, technology, the ef...Read More

Date : 2016-03-21 ~ 2016-04-20

Masterbatch with the requirements of the pigment

Masterbatch used in pigment, must pay attention to the pigment and plastic raw materials, additives with the relationship between the chosen points as described below. Reaction (1) can not pigment and resin and various additives, solvent resistance...Read More

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