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Date : 2017-01-17 ~ 2019-02-28

TOPSFLO Mini Pump Food Grade FDA Certificated

Topsflo have been making unremitting efforts in improving products quality at high international standard, it is not simply a slogans but positive action we have been putting it into. All of work we do are approved by customers step by stey. However,...Read More

Date : 2016-11-23 ~ 2018-12-31

TOPSFLO Sales Team exceeded the 2nd Quarter Target Rewarding the collective provincial travel

Climbing or making a career not only needs tackling tough spirit, but also unite work . For an enterprise, a good sense of cooperation is the guarantee of start and the fulcrum of taking off. Founded in 2001, TOPSFLO has been focusing on training sta...Read More

Date : 2016-10-17 ~ 2019-01-31

Brushless DC Magnetic Pump VS Traditional Brush Pump

Through magnetic drive technology, brushless magnetic pump realized non-contact torque transmission, thus displacing dynamic sealing by static sealing, which successfully solves the leakage problem, eliminates potential safety risk of inflammable & e...Read More

Date : 2016-10-17 ~ 2016-11-16

Topsflo adhere “all staff participation”, implement the ISO9001 policy entirely

ISO9001 is one of the core standards of a set of quality management system which is included in the ISO9000 standard. It’s the best-selling and most common products in more than 12000 ISO standards. It’s used to demonstrate that an organization has ...Read More

Date : 2016-09-01 ~ 2019-12-31

TOPSFLO- Water heater heat pump solution specialist

Early of the 19th. Century, the scientist Sadi karnot from France put forward the theory “Karnot Circulation” in a paper first time in 1824, this became the origin of the heat pump technology. In 1912, Zurich Switzerland installed a heat pump e...Read More

Date : 2016-08-25 ~ 2019-10-31

Topsflo specialized water pump for sous vide cooker

What is sous vide cooking? “Sous vide” is French for “under vacuum” and refers to the process of vacuum-sealing food and cooking it in precise temperature controlled water bath. In the past, sous vide is only limited in the high end restaurant d...Read More

Date : 2016-08-25 ~ 2020-02-29

Topsflo corporation propaganda

4th Aug, 2016, Topsflo image propaganda film project finally officially started after 3 months preparation. The video aims at to better show Topsflo product, research and development capability and professional level to customers from home and abroad...Read More

Date : 2016-08-02 ~ 2019-03-31

Innovation; Concentration; Love- lead to Topsflo to be the leader of DC micro pump industry

Jobs once said: "the difference between a leader and a follower lies in innovation." Topsflo as the leading and most professional manufacturer in China, has always been committed to innovation and new products development. TL-C01 series brushless cen...Read More

Date : 2016-07-04 ~ 2019-02-28

Customers highly praise - product high quality wins customers' trust again

For an enterprise who see the product quality as its life, it’s a very happy and glorious thing that the product quality has been widely recognized and wins customers' highly praise again and again. Yesterday, Topsflo received the good feedback ...Read More

Date : 2016-07-04 ~ 2019-04-30

Automatic smart home brewing machines, how much do you know ?

Many people like to discuss what beer tastes better, have you ever tried to brew beer yourself? TOPSFLO cooperation partner newly released smart home brewing machine has attracted great concern of many people. The intelligent brewing machine can be ...Read More

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