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  • GSM SMS Controller (8DI/8DO,4AI,RS232)
    GSM SMS Controller (8DI/8DO,4AI,RS232)

    Price : $8 USD

    Description : The?GSM Controller?RTU5011 is a universal GSM dialer and controller as well as a GSM Remote Control and Alarm Unit. RTU5011 provides?8 relay drivable outputs(12V-24V),?8 Digital inputs,4 Analog Inputs?and RS232 Serial Port. It allows you to monitor and con

  • GSM Power Line Loss Alarm(GSM Outdoor Alarm,8DI/2DO)
    GSM Power Line Loss Alarm(GSM Outdoor Alarm,8DI/2DO)

    Price : $6 USD

    Description : The GSM ?Power Line Loss Alarm (GSM Outdoor Alarm Controller) S250 supports solar panel, so when the AC Power goes off, it still can keep working well! And when the battery voltage is lower than normal, it will alert the users. Meanwhile, the GSM Power Lin

  • GSM GPRS 3G Temperature Logger
    GSM GPRS 3G Temperature Logger

    Price : $5 USD

    Description : 1.Quad-Band GSM Frequency,3G, supports SMS and Voice and GPRS/3G communication; 2.Programmable by SMS Commands or PC Configurator via USB; 3.2 alternate Server via GPRS/3G wireless network, supports IP address and DNS; 4.Compatible with KingCenter CMS-02 v