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  • Laminated Glass
    Laminated Glass

    Price : $100 USD

    Description : Once the glass is broken, the glass scraps still stick on the interlayer to keep the safe of people. ‧ Even broken, the whole glass will keep the original position, will not scatter ‧ Anti ultraviolet. PVB film shield ultraviolet to the great extent. ‧ So

  • Aluminum /Silver Mirror Glass
    Aluminum /Silver Mirror Glass

    Price : $100 USD

    Description : ‧ Aluminum Mirror glass: Coat high quality aluminum mirror by adopting planar and cylindrical magnetron target on large size of floating glass and article plate. It is high grade aluminum mirror which is superior to normal evaporation aluminum mirror. It i

  • Low-Emissivity Glass
    Low-Emissivity Glass

    Price : $100 USD

    Description : Low-E Glass provides excellent performance in situations where temperature separation is desired. LOW-E is used to help energy saving requirements by blocking UV light and provide heat insulation. It is done with a special thin-film metallic and oxide coat

  • Blinds Between Insulating Glass
    Blinds Between Insulating Glass

    Price : $100 USD

    Description : ‧ Designed for high quality usage of heat preservation , sound insulation, dustproof. Especially the blinds inside the insulation glass assure the high privacy, long life and cleanness of the door and window. ‧ Blinds protected by the insulating glass for