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Dong Sourcing Market Union Co.,Limited
  • Target Markets: Global market, Help you sourcing products free, control production, inspection of goods, manage logistics and transport, export products for you. Put all work to us in China, you just push hard in markets promotion and selling products. Most of our suppliers and products passed ISO9001, CE, FCC, GS, UL, TUV, EN71, ASTM, ROHS and other certifications, provide factory price to you, also we accept OEM and ODM orders, with custom design products, such as custom packaging products, custom wooden products, custom plastic products and so on, Most of our team members have more than 8 years experience in custom products, tech-savvy and design.
  • Business Type: Buying agent,Manufacturer,Distributor,Wholesaler,Exporter
  • Established date: 2014
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  • China Sourcing Agent,
    China Sourcing Agent,

    Price : $1 USD

    Description : And keep up with the pace of world economic development. 2.2 The development trend of China's foreign trade system The advantages of foreign trade agency mechanism is obvious, but also by the international community's general recognition and promotion. In

  • China Sourcing Company
    China Sourcing Company

    Description : In the continuous enrichment and development of the agency practice, in their own name by the indirect agent (such as the line) a large number of appear. Reflected in the agency system, the types of agents are gradually expanding, so that indirect agents n

  • Sourcing Agent
    Sourcing Agent

    Description : if the agent in the performance of the contract disputes, it will bring a lot of claims and litigation difficulties. On the one hand, according to the import and export contract, the agent is not a party to the contract, the third party fails to perform th

  • China Agent
    China Agent

    Description : (2) the parties to the rights and obligations imbalance. On the face of it, the Interim Provisions stipulate the rights and obligations of the agent and the agent, but from the point of view of the practice, the provisions are not reasonable and unfair. Fo

  • China Sourcing
    China Sourcing

    Description : And "Interim Provisions" is a departmental regulation, its effectiveness is low, can not and can not be civil law provided by the legal system of any form of filling, modification and expansion. Although the newly revised Foreign Trade Law extends the scop

  • China Buying Agent
    China Buying Agent

    Description : The parties in the applicable law when their own affairs, both with the traditional legal system of conflict, but also with the international rules of departure out of a lot of disputes, hinder the implementation of foreign trade agency system. In general,

  • China Import Agent
    China Import Agent

    Description : It can be seen that modern agents play a very important role in international economic and trade. China's foreign trade activities in a considerable part of the commissioned agents to handle, such as foreign trade companies to represent domestic enterprise

  • China Import Agent
    China Import Agent

    Description : the status of agents from the temporary agent to an immobilized career, the qualifications of the agents are also Corresponding requirements, many areas require an agent qualification certificate. On the other hand, the identity of the agent is not limited

  • China Purchasing Agent
    China Purchasing Agent

    Description : So the professional agent has become a clear development trend of the agency system. Such as real estate agents, insurance agents, trademark agents, patent agents, advertising agencies, futures agents, credit guarantee agents, which are mushrooming in the

  • Product Sourcing Agent
    Product Sourcing Agent

    Price : $1 USD

    Description : In modern society, commodity economy is highly developed, science and technology with each passing day, the agency system has also made great progress, there have been some new trends and characteristics. Mainly in the following aspects: (1) from the natur