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  • special cooling tower fills
    special cooling tower fills

    Description : We offer several types of special cooling tower fills for some specific towers. They have different surface configurations with each other for counter flow and cross flow towers. Users could choose the suitable one for the project.

  • Cross fluted cooling tower fills
    Cross fluted cooling tower fills

    Description : Cross fluted cooling tower fills improve water distribution by splitting the water stream as it descends through the fill pack. To achieve high thermal performance and low pressure drop, we add flute and micro-structure design with high fabrication standar

  • Round cooling tower fills
    Round cooling tower fills

    Description : Round cooling tower fills are important components for exchange of gas and water in cooling tower. We offer this kind of sloping corrugated cooling tower fill specially for round type cooling tower. It is designed with various colours and length upon users

  • S wave cooling tower fills
    S wave cooling tower fills

    Description : S wave cooling tower fills has trapezoidal "s" wave design, which increases the closure number of water film, and makes the water film redistribute repeatedly as well as tending to be more uniform. It extends the time for heat and mass transfer and improve

  • Cooling tower vertical fills
    Cooling tower vertical fills

    Description : Cooling tower vertical fills feature vertical flow channels with large openings which produces high water speed for creating anti-fouling environment in the fill. It is suitable for counter-flow cooling towers where water quality is not very good. Feature

  • Offset fluted fills
    Offset fluted fills

    Description : Offset fluted fills are also called cooling tower vertical offset fills, which combine low-fouling property of vertical flow with the enhanced water distribution of cross fluted designs. The fill modules are solvent welded design for maximum strength and p

  • Cooling tower herringbone fill
    Cooling tower herringbone fill

    Description : Cooling tower herringbone fill is designed with herringbone surface to distribute water evenly over the whole fill area for high thermal performance. This media has specific surface design and moderate anti-fouling tendencies, fabricated from rigid PVC or