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  • LV3296 2D Scanner Module
    LV3296 2D Scanner Module

    Description : LV3296 primarily for such applications as Self-service cabinets in e-commerce, express delivery services, and smart homes; ATMs; kiosks; queue machines; lottery machines; certificate makers.

  • RD-BT Handheld Bluetooth Scanner
    RD-BT Handheld Bluetooth Scanner

    Description : HF RFID reader,1D/2D barcode scanner; portable multi--functional back clip, bluetooth rfid scanner;This device makes your phone or tablet a mobile data collector at once via bluetooth.

  • RD4100 Phone Barcode Scanner
    RD4100 Phone Barcode Scanner

    Description : RD4100 mobile two-dimensional code scanner equipped with world-class two-dimensional barcode reading engine, you can quickly read the minimum brightness and various types of film large amount of data barcode, mainly used in Alipay WeChat payment, Two - dim

  • LV1000 1D Scanner Module Codabar Read Swift
    LV1000 1D Scanner Module Codabar Read Swift

    Description : Designed for OEM application, easily adopted into all kinds of equipments where need the 1D barcode scanning application.

  • LV3096 barcode scanner module
    LV3096 barcode scanner module

    Description : LV3096 is compact the use of desktop decoder chip, read the performance of strong, very suitable for embedded self-filling machine, self-help card machine, queuing machines and other terminals.

  • LV3000R 2D Scanner Module
    LV3000R 2D Scanner Module

    Description : LV3000R, designed for OEM applications, this high-performance fixed 1D/2D CMOS scan engine can easily be integrated into various solutions such as kiosks, ticketing machines.

  • LV2037 2D Scanner Module
    LV2037 2D Scanner Module

    Description : Designed for OEM applications, this high-performance decoded image can easily be intergrated into various devices such as kiosks,ticketing machines and PDA's.

  • LV4200 Barcode Scanner Module
    LV4200 Barcode Scanner Module

    Description : This compact, lightweight engine fits easily into even the most space-constrained equipment such as data collectors, meter readers, ticket validators and PDAs.

  • S1 Handheld Barcode Scanner
    S1 Handheld Barcode Scanner

    Description : S1 handheld android rugged pda – Industrial android pda

  • RD4500I 2D Scanner Module
    RD4500I 2D Scanner Module

    Description : RD4500I embedded two-dimensional code scanning module using excellent decoding technology, scanning fast and accurate to support Alipay and WeChat to pay.