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  • Bamboo Poles, Bamboo Canes
    Bamboo Poles, Bamboo Canes

    Description : Name: Tamvong, Tonkin, Moso, Giant, Biona Diameter: 1-17cm Length: 100-600cm Color: natural green and yellow Cell phone: +84-1245-639-639 (Whatsapp)

  • Bamboo Fences for decoration
    Bamboo Fences for decoration

    Description : We have just developed a new product--bamboo reed. Bamboo reed hybrid of bamboo and reed, it has bamboo’s hardness and reed's appearance, but the price is lower than bamboo. Bamboo reed cane has uniform thickness, usually in 8-10mm. Many customers sell it

  • Raw Rattan Wicker Material for making furniture
    Raw Rattan Wicker Material for making furniture

    Description : 1/ Rattan Skin: 2.5mm, 5/6mm- - 550kgs (mixed sizes) 2/ Natural Round Core: 2mm; 3.25mm; 3.5mm; 4mm; 6mm- 1,600 kgs (mixed sizes) 3/ Lunty: 6/8mm; 8/10mm- - 1,500 kgs (mixed sizes) 4/ Natural Tohiti: 10/12mm up 28/30mm - 3,500 kgs mixed sizes 5/ Grey Koob