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  •  Fiberglass?Mesh

    Description : Fiberglass Mesh Series? 1. Introduction ? Fiberglass?Mesh is made by C-glass or E-glass fibers woven roving as its basis material, and then treated with Acrylic Acid Copolymer liquid. An ideal construction engineering material, Strength retention rate> 90%

  • Metal Corner Bead
    Metal Corner Bead

    Description : Fiberglass Mesh Series Applied: Stainless steel sheet,iron sheet.etc.? About the Metal?Corner?Bead may form straight side on the edge line of plaster project to fight break or chap and to protect and strengthen the most fragile part of the plaster. Its wi

  • PVC Corner Bead
    PVC Corner Bead

    Description : Fiberglass Mesh Series? Uses? PVC?Corner?Beadwith?fiberglass?mesh?can?effectively?solve?the?problems?of?EIFS such?as?the?positive?angle?unstraight,?unsmooth,?and?the?angle?of?the?wall?easily?to?be?damaged, Using?the?corner?beads,?no?need?to?use?steel?panel

  • Fiberglass Tape
    Fiberglass Tape

    Description : Fiberglass Mesh Series? 1.Introduction : We?can?produce?8X8?/?9X9?mesh?with?60~80g/m2?fiberglass?self-adhesive?mesh?tape 1.??Outstanding?craftsmanship?include?coating?enough?alkali-resist?glue,?our?coating?glue?is?produced?by?Germany?BASF?which?can?keep?60