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  • Active Power Filter(APF)
    Active Power Filter(APF)

    Price : $2500 USD

    Description : Basic principle Active power filter (APF:Active power filter) with parallel connected to the grid, through real-time detecting the load harmonic and reactive component and the PWM converter technology, and harmonic and reactive components of equal size, di

  • filter reactor
    filter reactor

    Price : $79 USD

    Description : Product use Capacitor in the reactive power compensation circuit are often subject to harmonic current, inrush current and overvoltage impact, resulting in the capacitor is easy to damage. Therefore, series reactor with a certain proportion, to suppress an

  • PFC capacitor
    PFC capacitor

    Price : $37 USD

    Description : Product introduction H series capacitor is a new generation of power capacitor which we developed in our company. It has a number of patents for the world, and has mainly introduced the two protection structure for the use of capacitor in the market.. H se