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  • Treadmill,LED Treadmill
    Treadmill,LED Treadmill

    Description : ***APP Control:Speed,incline,start-off etc. ***Frame designed smilar with Technogym, ***The Console smilar with Vectra, Specifications APP Control:Speed,incline,start-off etc. Console Type: LED Display Motor: 3HP(Peak 5HP) Power : AC 220-240V

  • Incline Trainer,Treadmill,Freemotion Incline Trainer
    Incline Trainer,Treadmill,Freemotion Incline Trainer

    Description : Console Type: 12 in LCD(TV) Motor:3HP(5HP Peak) Incline:-3-30%,decrement 1% Speed:1-20km/h,increment 0.1km Preset Program:P1-P6 Elec-Readouts:Speed,Incline/decline,Distance,Calories,Pulse,Program Power:220-240V/20A,50Hz Running Surface:56*152cm

  • CE Commecial Treadmill 3.8HP
    CE Commecial Treadmill 3.8HP

    Description : ***Landing Size: 2180*870*1450mm ***Packing size: 2280*1040*750mm ***Container Loading: 15units /20ft ***G.W.:260kg ***Motor:AC3.8-5.8HP(Peak ***Power :220V,50/60HZ ***Incline : 0-16%,with Quick key ***Speed: 1.0-16.0km/h,with Quick key ***Time:0

  • Treadmill

    Description : ***Console Type:LCD(TV)Touch Screen ***Motor:AC3.8-5.8HP(Peak ***Power :220V,50/60HZ ***Incline : 0-16%,with Quick key ***Speed: 1.0-16.0km/h,with Quick key ***Time:0:00-99.59min ***Distance:0-99.9km ***Calories:1-999 ***Pulse:40-199/Min ***Runnin

  • CE Home Treadmill(no incline)
    CE Home Treadmill(no incline)

    Description : This multi LED home treadmill without incline function,but with massager and abdominal

  • Home Treadmill(LED)
    Home Treadmill(LED)

    Description : This is flat treadmill without incline

  • CE Home Treadmill with incline
    CE Home Treadmill with incline

    Description : Multi Function Home Gym Treadmill, which can be incline and abdominal exercise,massager