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  • rubber strainer
    rubber strainer

    Price : $1 USD

    Description : Description: It's used for the filtering of natural rubber and reclaimed rubber. It can also be used to filter the vamp and inner tube mass by rubber manufacturers. With hardened tooth-surface reducer.

  • Twin Screw Extruder
    Twin Screw Extruder

    Description : Description: Suitable for: -- Polymer blending & filling modification -- Engineering polymer & glass fiber reinforcement -- Masterbatch, functional parent granula -- Special material ,powder coating material -- Reactive extrusion, degassing & devolatiliz

  • rubber extruder
    rubber extruder

    Price : $1 USD

    Description : Our Extruders are usually designed to extruder rubber semi-finished articles for tire industry, such as sidewalls, treads or apex. They can also be equipped with different heads and become perfect for profile extrusion. Different sizes and configurations a

  • Rubber Injection Molding Machine
    Rubber Injection Molding Machine

    Description : This series type is suitable for raw material products, such as NR, SBR, BR, NBR,HR,AND URETHANE RUBBER ECT. Features: Equipped with standard P. L. C controller Human Machine interface The charge unit automatically controller temperature. The injecti

  • Open mixing mill
    Open mixing mill

    Price : $1 USD

    Description : Used for rubber&plastic mixing,sheeting. Features: · Tailored structure,stable performance, easy to operate. · There are varied speeds and fraction ratios available, which can satisfy most customers’ formula and processing requirements. · Frame, frame cap

  • Two roll sheeting mill
    Two roll sheeting mill

    Description : Application: This machine is designed specially for precise calendaring and sheeting of material that contain high magnet or ferrous powder.

  • Vacuum Type Oil Hydraulic Molding Machine
    Vacuum Type Oil Hydraulic Molding Machine

    Description : APPLICATIONS: Ideal for the production of making packing O-rings,keyboards,rubber medical products,etc。 REMARKABLE FEATURES: · The vacuum suction hood provides highly efficient vacuum suction effect for the entire mold inside the working platen, suction

  • water cooling conveyor
    water cooling conveyor

    Price : $1 USD

    Description : Water cooling conveyer is an auxiliary machine of the precision preformer to avoid stickiness and deformation of the rubber blanks. After cooling down with water cooling solution, and then with forcible cooling wind, the rubber blanks will become dry and s

  • Vacuum Automatic Rubber Washer Cutting Machine
    Vacuum Automatic Rubber Washer Cutting Machine

    Price : $1 USD

    Description : Application: Fast cut of all kinds of rubber, silicone gaskets/ washer, ring-shaped tubular products. Features: 1. When the cut is finished, materials take off automatically, and through the collection boxes to gather the cut products. 2. Vacuum adsorption

  • dispersion kneader
    dispersion kneader

    Price : $1 USD

    Description : For Rubber, Plastic & Chemical Industry Main application: Rubber, TPR,EVA,Rubber sole, Rubber Roller, Hoses Belts, Sponges, Vibration Insulator, Elastic Cord, Sealing Materials, Tire, Tapes, Master Batches, Pigment Ink, Automobile Electric Rubber Parts,