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  • Wireless Access Kit
    Wireless Access Kit

    Price : $29 USD

    Description : The SK7 is a single door wireless access control, consists of a wireless & waterproof keypad , a mini controller and a wireless exit button. TEA + Rolling Code of encryption algorithm and the split design guarantees higher-secure. Main Features: > Waterpr

  • Wireless Access Control Kit
    Wireless Access Control Kit

    Description : SK3-2 is a complete wireless access control system, including the Wireless Keypad, Controller, and Wireless Exit Button Main Features: ‧ 500 PIN / card users ‧ PIN length: 4~8 digits ‧ Communication distance: 15m Max ‧ Pulse mode, toggle mode ‧ Tri-color

  • Sboard-2 Wifi controller
    Sboard-2 Wifi controller

    Description : Sboard-2 is a dual-relay controller supports opening doors by phone through Wifi, it has Wiegand 26~37bits input, can be connected by any Wiegand 26~37bits output readers. Main features: ‧ 2,100 users, user data can be transferred ‧ Multi access modes: Ca