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  • Beam Combiner
    Beam Combiner

    Description : Beam combiner combines two or more wavelengths of beam - one beam in transmission and the other in reflection - into one single beam. Generally ZnSe beam combiner is coated specific coatings to transmit laser beam and reflect visible light, to combine CO2

  • Aspheric Lenses
    Aspheric Lenses

    Description : Aspheric lenses are designed to be diffraction limited. They usually achieve a smaller spot size than both the plano-convex and positive meniscus lens. This provides the highest power density at the lens workpiece with equivalent focal length.

  • Zero phase reflector
    Zero phase reflector

    Description : The substrates of Zero phase reflectors are usually Silicon or OFHC Copper. In most laser machines, one or several Zero-Phase Reflectors are used to forward the laser beam from the cavity to the working head. At these mirrors, reflectance should be as high

  • Phase Retarders
    Phase Retarders

    Description : These mirrors are generally used as last mirror prior to focusing lens.They create a 90° Phase Shift with the aid of specially constructed thin film coating layers applied to the surface, when hit with a linear polarized beam at 45° to the plane of inciden

  • Output Couplers
    Output Couplers

    Description : The output coupler is typically composed of ZnSe in order to minimize absorption and thermal distortion while transmitting a high-power laser beam.

  • End Reflectors
    End Reflectors

    Description : End reflectors are key optical components in laser resonators.They usually has high reflectance of 99.5% or 99.7%. Because absorption in the coating is higher than in the output coupler, substrate materials, such as Ge or GaAs, with high thermal conductivi

  • Beam Splitters
    Beam Splitters

    Description : Beamsplitters allow partial reflectance at a 45° angle of incidence with a 10.6μm wavelength. Only a certain percentage of incident energy is reflected while the remaining incident energy is transmitted. A beam splitter is an optical device that splits a b

  • Beam Expander
    Beam Expander

    Description : A transmissive beam expander combines two or more elements into one optical system which changes the beam size and divergence. Because the beam expander can improve a beam’s collimation, the smaller focal spot size can be achieved through expanding a beam

  • 3D Dynamic Focusing Lenses & Dynamic Optic System
    3D Dynamic Focusing Lenses & Dynamic Optic System

    Description : Dynamic focusing lenses are widely used in 3-Axis dynamic scanning systems (Post-objective scanning systems). Dynamic focusing lenses play a major role in today’s leading-edge laser applications. It differs from the typical scan lenses which are used in pr

  • CO2 F-Theta lenses
    CO2 F-Theta lenses

    Description : F-theta scan lenses for CO2 laser systems that are used for marking, engraving, via hole drilling, and so on. In a typical scanning laser system, the F-theta lens is used with two galvo mirrors that make the laser beam fast position and precision focus. F