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  • Conventional wheels
    Conventional wheels

    Price : $30 USD

    Description : Our products line for conventional wheels is vitrified bond, resin bond, rubber bond. Vitrified-bonded Conventional Grinding Wheels Series We supply a full range of general grinding wheels and special purpose wheels wildly used in abrasives and non-abr

  • Dressing Stick
    Dressing Stick

    Price : $5 USD

    Description : Regular use of properly selected dressing sticks will help you achieve maximum performance from your grinding wheel.Applications: Truing, cleaning and dressing diamond, CBN, and conventional abrasive wheelsAbrasive grain: Aluminium Oxide, Silicon CarbideSh

  • Diamond Dressing Roller
    Diamond Dressing Roller

    Price : $100 USD

    Description : At present, cylindrical grind wheels or wheels having simple profiles are dressed by means of diamond-single-grit dressers, diamond-multiple-stone-dressers, or by means of diamond-dressing plates, in a tolerance range of +/-0.05 mm. For higher precision re

  • Metal Bonded Diamond/CBN Grinding Wheel
    Metal Bonded Diamond/CBN Grinding Wheel

    Price : $50 USD

    Description : Metal Bonded Diamond/CBN Grinding wheel is with high efficiency, good self-sharpening, high stock removal, good form remaining and good anti-wearing ability. Metal bond diamond wheelUsed for machining quartz crystal, tungsten carbide, ceramic, glass, compo

  • Electroplated Diamond/CBN tools
    Electroplated Diamond/CBN tools

    Price : $20 USD

    Description : Electroplated Diamond/CBN tools are featured with free-faster cutting, non-truing and dressing, less heating due to the diamond particles protruding from the surface. Diamond plated products are usually a single layer of diamonds highly concentrated, and h

  • Double Disc
    Double Disc

    Price : $60 USD

    Description : Resin Bond CBN wheels are used for double-disc surface grinding of the inner and outer race surfaces of bearings, transmission gears, washers, tappet shims, compressor part, vane pump vanes and rotors, precision springs, etc. These are applicable to a wide

  • Blade & Wheel for semiconductor industry
    Blade & Wheel for semiconductor industry

    Price : $30 USD

    Description : Ongoing technological advances in Semiconductors and electronic components are giving rise a succession of new materials. As a result, E-Grind develop new precision diamond tools for these materials. E-Grind Precision diamond wheels have been widely used i

  • For PCD & PCBN inserts
    For PCD & PCBN inserts

    Price : $60 USD

    Description : With special vitrified bond, E-Grind created a high efficient diamond wheels suitable for sharpening PCD/PCBN insert. The advantages of our bond are as follows: The perfect grinding process efficiency Shortened shut-down grinder times High machining accura

  • Economical Wheel
    Economical Wheel

    Price : $10 USD

    Description : E-Grind offers Economical Diamond/CBN wheels to help customers lower the cost in resharpening carbide tipped saws in woodworking industry.Core available: Bakelite; compound of Bakelite and AluminaFor both Dry grinding and Wet grinding.

  • Diamond/CBN wheels for Tool Room
    Diamond/CBN wheels for Tool Room

    Price : $20 USD

    Description : In order to meet various demands from customers, E-Grind has developed more than 10 bonds for Tool Room application These wheels are for Wet grinding and Dry grinding. The available specs are 1A1, 1A1R, 11V9, 12V9, 6A2 etc. We offer the fast delivery and m