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  • Straight Flexible cable plugs
    Straight Flexible cable plugs

    Description : Type L9 (1.6/5.6) is one of connector, having thread, card lock connection device. The characteristic impedance is 75ohms. These connectors have characteristic of concise structure, reliable connection, great vibration performance. They are widely used in

  • RG59 bnc connector
    RG59 bnc connector

    Description : 1.Bayonet coupling mechanism provides quick mating and unmating. 50 and 75 Ohm impedance designs allow customer to match impedance to system requirements. 50 and 75 Ohm connectors are intermateable to ensure nondestructive mating.

  • F male compression RG6 connectors
    F male compression RG6 connectors

    Description : classic snap-n-seal F male compression connectors for series 6 coaxial cable,easy and quick to install .The snap says its sealed.may be used for indoor or outdoor applications

  • n male crimp connector for LMR400
    n male crimp connector for LMR400

    Description : Specifications n male crimp for 400 RG8U n connector Power person who join in the what series of N products join by one whorl, it has the characteristic of reliable and strong ant-vibration nature, machinery and electric performance finely. It is used in

  • 1.6-5.6 series connectors
    1.6-5.6 series connectors

    Description : Plugs and bulkhead jacks are available in crimp-crimp termination versions to ensure high reliability in connector assembly and a lower cost installation method. Threaded coupling designed for quick connect/disconnect allows safe coupling.

  • 7-16 series coaxial connectors
    7-16 series coaxial connectors

    Description : 1.Low IMD and LOW VSWR provides improved system performance 2.self -flaring design ensures ease of installation with standard hand tool 3.pre-assembled gasket protects against dust and water per IEC 169 4Limited internal junctions reduce source of IMD 5,s