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  • Sweet Orange
    Sweet Orange

    Description : The pure fragrance and sweet taste of Orange make you a wonderful day.It has abundant vitamins.It is good for beauty.

  • Blueberry

    Description : The fruit tastes both sour and sweet. The nature anti-gasification can ease eyes problem. The abundant vitamins help your skin whitening and lightening.

  • Rose-Lycium Tea
    Rose-Lycium Tea

    Description : This flavor can help for the one has greatly work pressure,suffers from insomnia or easily gets nervous.

  • Lycium-Chamomile Tea
    Lycium-Chamomile Tea

    Description : Lycium is good for the eyesight. Chamomile makes your brain awake and brightens your eyes. This flavor is good for the overused eyes.

  • Ginsheng-Radix Astragali Tea
    Ginsheng-Radix Astragali Tea

    Description : It helps metabolism;raises working efficiency and boosts spirits. It also prevents nerve disorder,sleeplessness and forgetfulness.

  • Ketsume Tea
    Ketsume Tea

    Description : The ketsume can make eyes clear and helps your metabolism to function normally. The hawthorn is good for bowels and stomach. The dried citrus peel helps your bowel movement smoothly.

  • Szu-Wu Ginger Tea
    Szu-Wu Ginger Tea

    Description : Helps your body circulation. Especially it's good for females who always have cold hands and feet in winter time.

  • Ginseng Tea
    Ginseng Tea

    Description : Ginseng is good to repair spirit. It provides improvement for the one who gets tired easily or has physical strength.

  • Black Tea
    Black Tea

    Description : Ingredient:Black-Tea-Leaf Effectiveness:Help stomach and intestine digested.Promote,Uretic,Elimintated dropsy and strong heart-function. Prevention disease,Rinse with black-tea will prevent the cold,dental caries and food poisoning;reduce the blood sugar

  • Green Tea with Jasmine
    Green Tea with Jasmine

    Description : Ingredient:Jasmine and Green-Tea Effectiveness:Light Jasmine fragrance which suits for stomach weak,chronic ailment and bronchitis etc.To drink frequently may recuperate the incretion,good complexion,curve chronic gastritis,uterus-health protection,soothe