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  • Snow-pine Nozzle
    Snow-pine Nozzle

    Description : Snow Pine Nozzle can form large water columns with air bulbs inside, which looks magnificent in the sunshine.

  • Peacock Nozzle
    Peacock Nozzle

    Description : Peacock Nozzle forms the effect of Peacock tail, with direction adjustment, it can also form a group of parabolic water cables.

  • High Nozzle
    High Nozzle

    Description : High Nozzle is frequently used in the central part of pools as the main nozzle, while it can also be adjusted to jet across the pool, like a rainbow .

  • Vertical Swing Group
    Vertical Swing Group

    Description : Install one or two groups of current nozzles onto the pipe with even distance between. With subwater motor and gear system connected, the nozzles can swing vertically with the same pace. The size of this item is usually designed to the actual pool.

  • Music Fountain Control System
    Music Fountain Control System

    Description : The Music Fountain employs a kind of on-spot industrial control system that incorporates the latest advanced scientific technologies prevailing around the world, including music control, programmable control and intelligent control technologies. The

  • LED Synchronous Colored Light
    LED Synchronous Colored Light

    Description : LED Synchronous colored light can paint the music fountains with various colors without increasing the control cables. There is a set-in control chip in each light, which could change the color in a circle R-G-B-RG-RB-GB-RGB, and all lights for one project

  • Outdoor Magnificent  Music Fountain With Laser Show
    Outdoor Magnificent  Music Fountain With Laser Show

    Description : Laser System is made up of Laser generator, Laser Power, Lasercontrol and Laser water treatment device. And Multi-media computer, High-speedcontrol system and full-color laser movies play the role of control system. Themovies, words, photoes are programed

  • Indoor Digital Water Curtain For Decoration
    Indoor Digital Water Curtain For Decoration

    Description : Digital curtain is built with imported high-speed, high-precision selonoid valves and the most advanced computer and automation technolgy, and it is also built on times of repeated calcultation and experiments. The water fall creates words, photos and logo

  • Music Fountain Nozzles For Different Water Patterns
    Music Fountain Nozzles For Different Water Patterns

    Description : ?Changsha Himalaya Music Fountain Co.,ltd., with its intelligence gathered from various countries, is determined to better the enviroment and people's life with fountain products, the range includes: ????? Music Fountain Nozzles, with Stainless Steel and S

  • Attractive Water Music Fountain With Water Screen Movies
    Attractive Water Music Fountain With Water Screen Movies

    Description : Water Screen Movie System consists of water screen generator and projector. The water screen isusually 20-meter high and 30-50 meters long. Various kinds of vedio-disks canbe displayed on water screen. At night time, the screen will melt into the darkn