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  • Hand Held Metel Detector
    Hand Held Metel Detector

    Description : Function : 1.It features simple operation, exquisite design, convenient conservation and low failure rate. 2.Highly sensitive, it can easily detect pin-sized metal articles (or even smaller metal articles). 3.Its sensitivity can be adjusted according

  • High Sensitivity Metal Detector
    High Sensitivity Metal Detector

    Description : Function : 1.Simple and convenient operation 2.Fairly low consumption of battery 3.Extremely high detecting speed 4.Extremely high accuracy and sensitivity 5.The battery management system continuously monitors the deficiency of power and voltage. 6.

  •  Ground Metal Detector
     Ground Metal Detector

    Description : Main Functions: 1.It has ground balance function and can eliminate "mineralization reaction". 2.It can differentiate ferrous metal from nonferrous metal. 3.It has adopted a intelligent operation system. 4.It has small weight and long work li

  • Walk Through Metal Detector(8 zones)
    Walk Through Metal Detector(8 zones)

    Description : Function : 1.With high precision 11 areas, it features more accurate detection. 2.The indicator light automatically shows the interfering signal of installation environment. 3.Each area can be independently set with 0-99 sensitivity range. 4.It ca

  • Hand Held Metal Detector
    Hand Held Metal Detector

    Description : 1.It features advanced structure design concept, unparalleled streamline shape rich in rhythm. 2.It features large and even detection working area, super high sensitivity, simple and convenient operation. 3.One need not adjust its detecting sensitivity

  • Walk Through Metal Detector
    Walk Through Metal Detector

    Description : Function : 1.Its exterior is made of high strength synthetic materials. 2.It consists of 6 display areas with single or multiple areas showing the metal position. 3.The built-in high brightness diode indicator light can accurately indicate the alarm