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  • Hydraulic forming machine
    Hydraulic forming machine

    Description : 1) Range: DN25-150 or DN150-350 2) It can make annular hose as well as expansion joint This machine export to Turkey, Indonesia, India, Thailand.

  • Tube mill (pipe welding machine)
    Tube mill (pipe welding machine)

    Description : 1). Welding pipe diameter:DN 8~150mm and DN150-350 2). Thickness: 0.15~1.2mm 3). Speed: 1.5~3m/min 4). Accessories welding unit: Panasonic TIG150 (made in China) 5). Voltage rating: motor 380V, argon welder 220V

  • seam welder
    seam welder

    Description : 1)Length: 1M, or 1.5M, or 2.5M 2)Panasonic type TIG-150 argon-arc welding machine 3)Practical manual device for setting sheets 4)Back–up insert with gas facilities (argon injection) and automatic purging system 5)Foot pedal control to activate the finger c

  • Automatic shear machine width=1300
    Automatic shear machine width=1300

    Description : 1)Max. width: 1300mm 2)Thickness: 0.3-3mm 3)Automatic feeder This machine export to Spain, Brazil, India countries

  • Corner bending machine for rectangular bellow
    Corner bending machine for rectangular bellow

    Description : This machine is used to make round corner for rectangular bellow.

  • Bellow Forming machine
    Bellow Forming machine

    Description : 1. Automatic Bellow Forming Machine: DN100-DN600 1). Range: DN100-DN600mm 2). Power: 5.5KW 3). Control type: automatic 4). Form speed: 15min/each one 2. Automatic Bellow Forming Machine: DN800-DN4000 1). Range: DN800-DN2000mm 2). Power: 7.5KW 3). Control t

  • Braiding Machine
    Braiding Machine

    Description : 1. Braiding Machine-WSBW16 1). Braiding diameter: 6-10mm 2).Speed:24.5m/min 3). Spindle quantity: 16 2. Braiding Machine-WSBW24 1). Braiding diameter: 10-31mm 2). Speed: 21-66m/h 3). Spindle quantity: 24 3. Braiding Machine-WSBW36 1). Braidi

  • Tube Expander
    Tube Expander

    Description : 1) Range: DN56-600mm; DN300-DN1450mm CNC control system/ manual control 2) No. of segments=8 nos 3) Work table:1690×1690mm square 4) M, movement over diameter, max close to open=40mm, M can adjust between 0~40mm. 5) The tool material is NO. 45 steel.

  • Automatic bellow forming machine DN100-600mm
    Automatic bellow forming machine DN100-600mm

    Description : 1) Range: DN100mm~DN600mm 2) Control method: SIEMENS PLC automatic. 3) Machine is equiped with general electircal motor and turing table. One worker can operate three working positions simultaneously. 4) Moulds inclued: DN100, DN125, DN150, DN20

  •  Re-rolling machine DN860-3000
     Re-rolling machine DN860-3000

    Description : 1)Range: DN860-3000mm 2)It is used to improve the convolution of the expansion joint. The machine export to Germany, Spain, and Taiwan area.