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MioStar Corp.

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Dong Guan MioStar

Dong Guan MioStar

Our factory is moved to Hu Men Town, Dongguan City in China from 2018. In order to comply with international requirements, our factory is ISO-9001 certified.

Machinery/Production Process:
MioStar's manufacturing utilizes state-of-the art design and production facilities. Our group now offers an outstanding range of products and services. We handle key manufacturing processes in-house. This helps ensure that your items carry CE and UL certifications. With 100 production staff members and a 4300-square-meter factory, we output 200k sets of products every month.

Quality Control:
Number of Staff:5-8
Quality Control/Technical Support Department:
Our in-house QC team is composed of 8 production staff members trained to perform quality inspections.
Quality Control Procedures:
We have a detailed and organized QC procedure that we follow. This is the reason why we enjoy a customers's return ratio of less than 0.050 percent per month and a manufactory failure rate of only less than 0.13 percent.

Research and Development:
Number of Staff:10
Procedures and Practices:
We currently have over 100 products for you to choose from. Our R&D team updates our product line every quarter.

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Address 8F., No.145, Lane 5, Tzu-Chiang Str., Pei-Tou District,,Taipei,Taiwan(TW)
Website http://www.miostar.com.tw