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  • Liquid capsule band sealing machine
    Liquid capsule band sealing machine

    Description : For liquid capsule Range of application:0#-4# Fully automatically Keypoint: With development and maturity of liquid capsule filling technology, the liquid capsule production technologies have gradually replaced high-cost of soft capsule production technol

  • Electronic capsule counting machine
    Electronic capsule counting machine

    Description : Keypoint: Electronic counting and bottling machine with dual-outlet feeding structure by vibration, micro computer control system, infrared dynamic counting technology can accurately feed the setting numbered drugs into bottles Application: The machine is

  • Semi-automatic capsule filling machine
    Semi-automatic capsule filling machine

    Description : 1>Semi-automatic. 2>For small or middle scale production. 3>Function:separation,filling,lock capsule. Keypoint: Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine belongs to a?kind of filling machine, this machine suit for small or middle scale production. It adopts

  • Tablet inspection machine
    Tablet inspection machine

    Description : Pharmaceutical industry. Capsule or tablet/pill Adjustable speed? ? Keypoint: HY-YJX-220B is developed by our company according to the requirement of the pharmaceutical industry which has absorbed advanced technology from abroad. It just needs a?few easy s