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  • calcium propionate
    calcium propionate

    Price : $1532 USD

    Description : Formula: (C3H6O2)2·Ca 2、 Formula wt:186.22 3、 CAS: [4075-81-4] 4、 Einecs: 223-795-8 5、Specificity: White crystals or crystalline powder, with little odor of propionic acid. Excellent resistance ability of light and heat. Easily absorbing moisture when

  • magnessium sulfate
    magnessium sulfate

    Description : Formula:MgSO4 2、 Formula wt:120.37 3、 CAS:[7487-88-9] 4、 Einecs:231-298-2 5、 Specificity: This product is colorless crystal orthorhombic system, relative density 2.66. Melting point 124 ℃. It is soluble in water, alcohol and glycerin. Insoluble in ace