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  • Suction  sand   blasting  machine
    Suction  sand   blasting  machine

    Description : Suction blast cabinets consist of cabinet enclosure, reclaimer and dust-collector, deliver efficient, affordable blast media to clean, peen, debur, or finish metal parts, easy use, low maintenance. Blast cabinet enclose the blasting environment to provide

  • Ceramic    Bead  for shot blasting
    Ceramic    Bead  for shot blasting

    Description : good quality Ceramic Bead for shot peening, shot blasting. Ceramic Beads have very fine microstructure featured strong mechanical resistance and high toughness, chemically inert, low-dust emission, do not contaminate the treated surface, especially s

  • glass  beads   for shot  blasting
    glass  beads   for shot  blasting

    Description : glass beads for shot blasting at good prices and services from China. Glass beads have perfect spheres with a smooth, brilliant surface, chemically inert, widely used in wet or dry method for prestressing shot peening, cleaning, trimming, surface finis

  • Wet   sand  blasting cabinet
    Wet   sand  blasting cabinet

    Description : Wet blast cabinets consist of Cabinet enclosure, exhauster and filter, and polyurethane sand pump, can available with cabinet eith reinforced fiber glass or 100% stainless steel. Cabinet enclose water and blasting environment to provide efficient blast c