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Innofit Health & Fitness Co., Ltd.
Innofit Health & Fitness Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary of Taiwan-based company Hsin Hwa Casting Co., Ltd, which was founded on 1981, the company started to sell and manufacture the fly wheel (as one of the main parts of sport and exercise bikes), even controlled more than 90% of the market share in Taiwan. After some years, through continuous R&D efforts, the company released an important...more

Innofit Health & Fitness Co., Ltd.
Innofit Health & Fitness Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary of Taiwan-based company Hsin Hwa Casting Co., Ltd, which was founded on 1981, the company started to sell and manufacture the fly wheel (as one of the main parts of sport and exercise bikes), even controlled more than 90% of the market share in Taiwan. After some years, through continuous R&D efforts, the company released an important and patented part -magnetic generator system (U.S. Patent No.: US005236069A) which is delivered to the international market for more than a decade, and is recently improved to gain further patents in Taiwan, China, US and EU for its application as the pedallec and ECO generator on the outdoor and spinning bikes.

In 1999, Innofit sets up a plant in Shenzhen which occupies 50,000 squre meters and hires more than 1,000 of staff. The new manufacturing facility accomodates sales dept., research and development dept. and production dept. that facilitate our OEM production service to our worldwide customers even faster than ever. Not only ISPO 9001 quality control system is introduced into the new plant, but also twelve (12) of Japaness-made robot welding machines are installed to produce 50,000 sets of sport equipment per month. Additionally the company also sets up its in-house test lab. to test intension, tension, hardness, torque and life time..etc of the parts and finished goods. Furthermore, a modern showroom exhibits our updated products to the international visitors all year around.

Along the past 30 years, most of the delivered products are popular among those old and new customers in the international market, as the product design and production principle is simple and easy - " health first", i.e. develop the healthy and ergonomic products at reasonable prices.

We believe, following this simple and easy princuple, Innofit can create more and more business chances for our international customers that benefit the company and the partnership in the longer run.

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