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Three One Energy Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Three One Energy Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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# Mission overview :

* Modern day lifestyles expose us to increasing levels of pollutants everyday. Due to busy work schedules we push ourselves to work harder and take less exercise, which gradually weakens our bodies' resistance towards newer and more adaptive strains of viruses. To help combat these negative effects we have developed a new range of energizing fabrics to help the body fight disease.

1. The energizing fabrics created by our company provide continuous health benefits, and work through natural methods. Far infrared light waves ( the same as found in natural sunlight ) are used to simulate the body's natural antibodies beneath the epidermis layer. Nanotechnology in the form of nano-silver particles are weaved into the fibers to promote fabric sterilization ( killing off odor-causing bacteria ) and boost the body's circulation to increase immunity.

2. With the use of nanotechnology that has been derived from nature, 3-in-1 multi-energy stimulates the body's magnetic field and maintains a natural balance of energies within the body. The fabrics anti-odor properties are embedded in the fabric, and will not reduce in effectiveness even after multiple washings. Please refer to our SGS test reports for more information.

* Product attributes :

1. Fabric analysis in the far infrared region has shown vibration at the molecular level.

2. Nano-silver has anti-bacteria and anti-static properties.

3. The fabric resists mold and moisture buildup.

# Fundamental-basis of theoretical science :

* Quantum-based medicine is derived from the quantum science theories first formulated by Albert Einstein. Light waves in the far infrared region ( 6um-14um ) vibrate the body at a variety of different frequencies which is generally known as " physiotherapy ". Infrared light waves applied at over 93% emission in the 6-14um range at room temperature will cause an immediate positive reaction with the body.

* The yarn of the fabric is odor and bacteria resistant. It helps harmonize symptoms of imbalance with the body, and promotes constant recovery to full health.

* Our research tends towards the development of materials that's breathe freely, with high a concentration of anion particles and trace elements ( such as Ge ), which characterize both negative and positive electrical charges respectively. Light from the far infrared region consistently vibrates the mitochondrion cell structure, simulates the cells beneath the epidermis and revitalizes the body by helping it to better resist disease by building up stronger antibodies.

Three One Energy Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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