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Disinfection and Cleaning (617)

  • EQUS TAT-202A table top autoclave sterilizer
    EQUS TAT-202A table top autoclave sterilizer
      1. Design for New EN 13060:2004 2. Sterilization time for 121℃ and 134℃ 3. 16 memory programmable cycles. 4. Independent drying system makes you easy to set. 5. 20 mins to sterilize instruments in whole cycle. 6. Double locking safety device. 7.16 me...


  • Vertical Sterilizer
    Vertical Sterilizer
      Type: products vertically positioned type(internal steam exhaust type, external steam exhaust type, and the type with drying function) Materials: the boiler casing, inner chamber and door cover as well as the sterilization baskets are made of hi...


  • ALCOHOL PAD, alcohol swab
    ALCOHOL PAD, alcohol swab
      1. Alcohol Pad 2. One Pad with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol 3. Non-woven Size:65*30mm,50g/m2 4. Bag size:50*50mm 5. 100pcs/box,200pcs/box 6. eutral Packing or Design for customer