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Aluminum plastic separation machine /aluminum recycling machine
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Date Post 2015-12-11 Valid to 2020-09-26 00:00:00
Expected Order Qty 1sets Range of Unit Cost $20000
Product Category Aluminium Manufactured Metal Products Product Keywords scrap aluminum ,aluminum plastic recycling machine
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Quality Certification 1sets
Aluminum plastic separation machine /aluminum recycling machine brief introduction Aluminum plastic separation machine /aluminum recycling machine is a high efficiency energy-saving product which is developed by our factory based on absorbing separation technology at home and abroad .With years of experimentation and theoretical analysis ,this machine can reach the best separation effect .The ratio of impurities after separation will be less than 1% ,i.e . the separation efficiency is up to 99%. Aluminum plastic separation machine /aluminum recycling machine feature (1) the whole production line of a high degree of automation, easy operation method. (manual, automatic all but); (2) choosing don't process with the recovery rate of 99%; (3) dry crushing function output purity 99% copper; (4) machinery life for half a permanent, only replace the attachment debilitating (5) than other countries production machinery more cost-effective and performance is more excellent (can do it again fine wires can also separation). Aluminum plastic separation machine /aluminum recycling machine application (1) economic effect: the same wires, the regeneration machine has more than 99% of the recovery, can make us in the limited resources of the effective use of the wire, and more price is low, the user from the economic burden. (2) to protect the environment effect: the crushing-choose don't-dust collection the whole process of the harmonious, rigorous than burned or in other method was effective. Aluminum plastic separation machine /aluminum recycling machine working principle Through this process, we get the mixed metal powder and nonmetal powder.metal powder contains mainly copper, but also certain amount of precious metal such as gold , silver, Ba etc. the precious metal and copper can be furtherly refined by our chemical metal refined process. crusher--grinding machine--air separator--electrastatic separator-- pulse dust collector
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